We offer simple interface focused on individual users to experience safe custody service with cold storage.
Apply in a minute, and keep safe from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and other vulnerabilities.

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Enterprises & Institutions

We recommend to exchanges, wallet developers, fundraisers, or any similar organization where need fiat and crypto custody with secured banking service.

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Why Custody?

What is XTOCK Digital Asset Custody Service?

XTOCK provides comprehensive and institutional-grade custody services and solutions for digital assets.
Under XTOCK’s Digital Asset Custody Service, clients’ digital assets will be safely stored
in XTOCK’s cold wallet storage for safekeeping.
Further, the service will provide solutions for clients to manage digital assets.

from XTOCK Digital Asset Custody Service

  • 1st

    Institutional-Grade Custody

    Institutional-grade custody services that allows clients’ digital assets safely stored in cold storage,
    the offline wallet that is safe from unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and other vulnerabilities created from being connected to the internet.

  • 2nd

    Fiat and Crypto Custody

    Platform to manage not only their digital assets, cryptocurrencies but also their traditional fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, CNY, SGD and three other fiat currencies.

  • 3rd

    Banking Service

    Banking services including remittance, fiat-to-crypto exchange service and vice versa.

  • 4th

    Secure KYC/AML procedures

    Secure KYC/AML procedures that are fully compliant with the regulation provided by TCSP (Trust or Company Service Provider) license in Hong Kong.

Custody Account Application Process

  • 1st.

    Xtock Online
    create Account

    E-mail Authentication

  • 2nd.

    Lv.2 Authentication

    OTP and KYC

  • 3rd.

    Custody Application

    Terms of Custody
    Bank Account

  • 4th.

    Application Received

    Once your account is
    approved, you will get
    confirmation email.

Custody Token White Paper