The Future of OTC Market

Finance Network Platform

What is Xtock Protocol?
Xtock protocol maintains all activity and sustainability of the Xtock ecosystem. It generates OTC tokens through smart contracts as digitized company assets.
Global OTC Market
Increase of the world venture investment market.
In 2017, the global venture capital market was estimated at $ 172.2M
Restrictive investment opportunities
OTC market is centered around some institutions and a few professional investors, and there is no protection for ordinary investors.
High growth in ICO Market
ICO is well known as a new global funding raising method. Safety features still lacking, but it`s considered to be one of the most attractive funding to investors because of it`s high returns.
Limited OTC information accessibility
Information sharing is limited to the private investors. OTC stock information is concentrated between a clique of specialized investors such as venture capitals and banks.
High IPO barrier
The requirements and cost for IPO are considered as high barriers to early entrepreneurs and most SMEs. The difficulties in obtaining financing make growth virtually impossible.
Why Xtock?
Transaction Tranparency
Xtock is able to record and manage the price, transaction history, contracts, and owner information of a company`s underlying assets in real-time. Smart contracts for transparent investments, and to efficiently deal with all transactions via a distributed processing system.
Re-evaluation of Corporate Values
Xtock manages potential risks by relying on objective metrics analysis as well as multi-variable evaluation using the XEM (Xtock Evaluation Matrix).
Secure Transactions
Xtock separates the asset and contract features of tokens to protect users from the risk of duplicate sales. A vulnerability in OTC transactions, Xtock allows smart contracts to trade digital tokens transparently, securely, and privately with unlisted companies.
How does Xtock work?
Unlisted companies need to go through an evaluation process XEM. After evaluation and setting a desired investment amount, a pre-listing price will be set for tokenization.
Features of Xtock
Xtock Wallet(KYC)
Xtock Trading Center
OTC Community
Evaluation System with AI
Transparent ITO process
OTC token
reward system
Real time smart contract system
Additional revenue through providing corporate information
Xtock Team
Jason Park
CEO / CTO | CO-founder
CEO of Pocketmobile Co. ltd.
CEO of BraveInnovation
NHN UX Senior Manager
Naver mobile SEO manage
Howard Kim
COO | CO-founder
CEO of OTC P2P Korea Funding
Investment Specialist of Topaz
Represent of EZ invest.Specialist
Representative of1st street OTC
The 1st Korean OTC info. Website
Daniel Kang
Kang has 17 years of IT experience in managing, architecting, and developing software applications across financial services
Hans Lee
Head of Marketing
Hans experienced 12 years in Marketing & Business Planning in Samsung, Seah, with background in startup operation
Sang Lee
Market Researcher
After graduation of Pennsylvania State University in communications major, Sang experienced 10 years in Marketing and Business Development
Kee Bong, Lee
UX / UI Architect
He is expert in UX/UI architect led broad projects for 12 years on Wooribank, Olleh, Hanssem, etc.
Xtock Advisor
Jay Hwang
Head Advisor
CEO & Founder of FoundationX
Co-founder of FuturePlay INC
Advisor& Investor of Ad-OS
Advisor & Investor of Pledgecamp
O Kwon
Business Advisor
FoundationX Partner
FuturePlay Partner
Finomial software BD
Deloitte BD
Deloitte CPA
Jeff Wentworth
Technical Advisor
Co-founder of Curvegrid
Vice President of Goldman Sachs Tokyo
Senior Technology Analyst of Goldman Sachs Tokyo
Account Management Engineer at Dell EMC
Jaehoon Choi, PH.D
Technical Advisor
Konolabs Inc. CTO
Opinion8 CEO & Co-founder
Microsoft Research
Korea Univ. Ph.D Computer
Science and Data Mining
Patrick Monaghan
Legal Advisor
SADA Systems INC. Chief Legal Officer
ANOTO Group AB Chief Legal Officer
Pavis Capital LLC Chief Outside Counsel
Chandler Corporation Vice President
Kim & Chang Law Firm General Corporate M&A
Jisoon Lim
Engineering Advisor
Engineering Advisor CSO of UPSIDE Inc.
PlusCoin Project Lead
Head of Product in METAPS PLUS Inc.
M.S KAIST Brain Engineering Dep
Jongho Kim
Technical Advisor
LYZE Inc. Co-founder, CSO
FoundationX Strategy Lead
Pium Inc. Inventor
FuturePlay IP Lead
LGE Patent Engineer
Raymond Kang
Investment Advisor
Prodigy Capital Management Asset Management Company
Established &
ICO & Digital Asset Investment
Chairman of Hedge Fund Association, Representative of INKE NewYork
Token Sale
Total Amount of XTX : 1,000,000,000
Soft Cap : 17,000 ETH
Hard Cap : 50,000 ETH
Price : 1 ETH = 20,000XTX
Token Distribution Plan
Dev & Operation
Bounty & Marketing
Token Sales
Use of Proceeds
Development & Operation
ITO Companies Marketing & Partnership
Global Partner Developer Support
Strategy Partner